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Date added: 2015-10-14 Length: 00:21:32 Rating:
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Description : Jasmine Jae has been waiting for her green card for a long time. Citizenship is very important to her, and Ryan knows the complications first hand. But for some reason, Jasmine thinks there's a better way to ensure that things go smoothly. From the minute Ryan takes a seat, Jasmine makes sure he knows that she likes his geeky look, and it turns her on, to no end. Before long the green card is the last thing on either one's mind, and Jasmine has Ryan's big throbbing cock in her juicy wet pussy. Even letting him cum deep inside her.
Date added: 2014-09-03 Length: 00:20:04 Rating:
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Description : Hey Guys,

Katie came in today with a very convenient request! She has tension all over, her thighs from working out, etc. Her shoulders and her neck need the most attention. She's getting a new boob job, so she really wanted to have some work done there, 'If it's not sexual or anything' but we all know why she really came! She heard I'm more than just a masseur and she definitely came to suck my cock! Or at least that's what I'm able to convince her of after I caught her lying about her marriage! My ammo was great because not long after she promised she would stop sucking other guy's cocks, she had mine deep in her throat! Need I say more?

Date added: 2014-07-30 Length: 00:19:29 Rating:
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Description : Hey guys,

This super stuck up bitch walked into the spa today, and sauced me after every single question on our intake sheet. She definitely needed a massage. She said it over and over, but she was definitely just tense! Luckily I had just the tool to work out her kinks! Ha ha! She was so impatient that she demanded a silent massage, but when I started to get closer to her goodies she loosened up, at least enough to start yelling at me again. As soon as I started to massage her tits she started opening up and shared that her husband would be mad if he found out she ruined his new stereo system. Well, there was the seduction gold! Moments later I had her cute mouth on my rigid cock! I hope her husband finds out she broke the stereo too!

Date added: 2014-05-14 Length: 00:21:21 Rating:
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Description : Hey guys,

Today this Polish toots Misha came in for a massage to get some relief from her very busy week. Her job in a high class sushi restaurant keeps her busy, so I wanted to give her a nice massage, and maybe relieve some of the other stress she carries below the belt. I wasn't sure at first how I'd convince her to barter for a little blow job but when she mentioned that she was working illegally, I had ahold of the perfect info to spin into seduction silk! Ugh, what soft tits this girl had. It was not long before I had my thick sausage deep in her polish throat. I've got to be the biggest creep!

Date added: 2014-04-23 Length: 00:18:51 Rating:
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Description : Guys,

The cutest 18yo gal came in for her first massage today! What a golden opportunity to corrupt her youth! I promised I'd go easy, but things got a little rougher than I'd expected. My sly cunning voice lulled this shy girl into a deep state of relax. There's no better arrangement for her to help with my raging boner! Wait 'til you see her gag on me!