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Date added: 2015-04-08 Length: 00:18:59 Rating:
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Description : Hey Guys,

So it was my lucky day as I got a hot sexy Asian tourist Miko who came to America for fun and the perfect massage. She brought her camera so I gave her the chance to take some sexy pictures of me. Even though there was a massive language barrier, I would give her a massage she wouldn't forget! After all the struggling to get this chick to relax, I finally got to touch her little tits and convince her that I was the one who gets the happy ending! She strokes my dick and sucks me off. She wanted me to bang her on the table so she spread her legs and opened up her tight pussy. It wasn't long before I came all over her stomach. Best part? Me taking selfies of my hot self and the shy Miko. I told Miko to get dressed. I didn't think she needed any help but made it very clear to pay for services rendered and a tip wasn't included in the price. After all, I think we both ended up with happy endings.

Date added: 2015-01-21 Length: 00:22:23 Rating:
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Description : Hey Guys,

Today this beautiful babe named Mia Li, came into get a massage and get this, she makes her own massage oil! It smelt terrible, but she asked me to use it on her and I figure, it's the least I could do right? Mid-way through the massage she really starts selling her product, making it almost too easy for me to get what I want! I slide my hand up her thigh and I've gotta say, that oil of hers is really slippery! I convince her that the rest of the guys and I would actually consider using her oil on our clients if she does a little something for me in return. Sure, we didn't buy the oil but her husband should be very happy to know not only does his product feel great but, so does his wife!

Date added: 2014-08-27 Length: 00:24:25 Rating:
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Description : Hey Guys,

Today, I had the pleasure to seduce someone very special! Angelina was looking for a massage, and she was very shy about it. When I started off buttering her up with compliments and shit she became more and more comfortable with me! This Asian babe had nothing to hide, but was clearly shy! After telling her I could help her talk to boys she was ready to suck me off for my expert advice! Well, it wasn't too long after I started masturbating that she wanted to join in, and by the end of her session my cock was deep inside her warm Asian pussy!

Date added: 2014-07-09 Length: 00:17:47 Rating:
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Description : Guys,

This dancer came in today, and she was stunning! I told her I always take care of the dancers, and she was excited to have me work out her tense dancer muscles. I used my expert body language to hint over and over that I had a little problem that needed solving, and I think I ticked her off a bit but soon I had her pussy dripping through her panties and soon after she was giving me a lap dance, and then as if by habit she had my cook deep in her throat and pussy! From the look on her face, it was exactly what she wanted!

Date added: 2014-05-28 Length: 00:23:44 Rating:
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Description : Guys,

Today I met Cindy. At first this little Vietnamese housewife was just another cute little Asian sweetheart who was far too attached to her husband for my liking! But boy, did I ever get the chance to show off my slick side! The patient form she gave me at the beginning said it was her first time and that her husband paid for the treatment in advance. That's it! I wasn't sure it was even her husband, but just to be sure, I slipped him into the conversation, and of course she confirmed my suspicion! As soon as I lied to her, saying her husband wanted her to have a nice time, and relax, she was putty in my hands. It only took me mentioning that her husband didn't feel she was getting enough fucking at home, to get her consent for a little 'extra-treatment' if you know what I mean... ha! Her warm throat was one of the best throats I've ever fucked! Guys, I love this job!

I'd have to say my favorite part was when she told me her husband likes to cum all over her pretty little face. I couldn't help but tell her not to break tradition when I bust my nuts on her supple cheeks! Cindy was loving every second of my super stiff cock down her throat, knowing her husband signed off on the sloppy blowjob. But the icing on the cake was the moment I told her that her poor husband didn't know about any of this and pointed out our hidden camera! God I hope she cums back!