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Date added: 2015-03-25 Length: 00:23:10 Rating:
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Description : Will shows up at Zoey's house complaining that his shoulder is in a lot of pain. Zoey warns him it will take a while for someone to show up. Zoey tells him she does massage and she offers to help him by giving him a massage to get his muscles in working order. Zoey is acting a little strange, and Will starts to take notice but his pain outweighs his curiosity. Zoey gets to work, and before long she starts to show her true colors. She strips and starts to rub her nipples over his body. When he turns over, he finally sees that she's naked. She spends the next while pleasing him to make sure he is comfortable, and is going to cum, but when he reminds her to call the tow truck she takes the chance to get what she needs. A nice long fuck. Life in the middle of nowhere gets lonely.
Date added: 2015-01-28 Length: 00:30:49 Rating:
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Comments: 8
Description : Hey guys,

So, you remember a couple weeks ago when Veronica came in. Well, I guess, this being the only spa in town, she didn't know where else to turn. She told me when she got home her daughter Chloe asked how her massage was. Of course after making her squirt like her stupid husband never did, she was ecstatic, and she kind of sold the spa to her daughter. After weeks of begging she finally brought her in. But today I don't even have to do anything. Veronica practically offered to teach her step-daughter how to suck my big cock. Well, I got to be honest, there's not much else that is quite as hot as a squirting mother teaching her daughter how to have sex! Just watch, and see what I mean!

Date added: 2014-10-29 Length: 00:23:41 Rating:
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Description : Hey Guys,

First, I just want to say how happy I am to be working here, finally. Eric has been telling me for years what he's been doing for money, and today I actually get to try! My first client was Sophia. She said she is some kind of model, but I know she is a webcam girl. She was such an easy prey, and it wasn't hard to get her primed to suck my cock! Next time give me something a little harder to reel in! If she wants to keep her secret, I told her she'd have to do a little secret sucking for me! See how good I was! Eric you're really proud of me right? Right? Well anyway, I'm coming back whether you like it or not, and I promise to be the main attraction! Out of the way wise guys! Here comes Tyler!

Mr. Nixon
Date added: 2014-10-08 Length: 00:24:57 Rating:
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Description : Hey Guys,

Well, yesterday I was sitting by the pool and overheard something that really got my gears going. This young lady Carmen, I think was fighting with who seemed to be her mother over her credit card use. I saw this as a chance to offer her a 50% discount in order to get her on my table. Her massage started out as usual, except she was so hot! It was hard to keep my hands off her, while she undressed. I told her she could have the whole massage for free, but of course I want something in return. I guess it sounds a bit creepy offering a free massage, so she asked, so I offered her a call to a guy I know, just beating around the bush or whatever, and well I wanted a blowjob. Well, turns out I got one. In fact I got more than just a blowjob!