The Lord Would Be Proud

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Video Description: Guys,

You just can't believe the client who came in today, until you see the tape for yourself! She was this cute little vixen fresh from Catholic School, all ready for some sweet corruption. She told me she has a boyfriend, and they're getting married! Premarital sex is going to treat this chick really well. I am really going to get this girl's parents the best bang for their buck! She was nervous to take off her bra! I was very excited to see how well this seduction could go. I even convinced her to take her dog to church, I made her so comfortable! Wasn't long before she showed her catholic schoolgirl stuff, and made her lord proud!


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Your future ideas sound perfect. When the religious girl starts getting into it that will be totally hot. Also, Dakota is one of the best actresses around for this type of thing --- she can really act.
2020-07-20 19:22
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Great scene and great site.
2016-12-10 09:51
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Lucy J.
Hey Guys!

I haven't chimed up yet, but I've been reading these comments, and I'm really happy to see that many have shared their opinions. That's great. I'm really enjoying seeing both sides of the discussion. Bree and I have decided that the next rounds we shoot will feature a new style where the girl eventually gets excited, and wants to enjoy the sex for the trade-off. This will be a regular scenario, to help both sides of the coin, we will constantly reassess the site, and we really do take your comments to heart. The turnover (when you'll get to see these scenes) may not be as soon as you're hoping but as soon as we have a scene ready with the new direction I will show it to you!

Thanks again for your discussion,
2014-07-17 08:30
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Ms Bree Mills
I second that, Lucy. Guys, we'll swap out one of the next updates to feature the new direction and make sure to get lots of your feedback. Thanks again - couldn't do it without you!
2014-07-17 12:23
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Are you willing to drop the "CreepyCam" part?
2014-07-17 12:43
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time will show
2014-07-17 13:20
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I just browsed to Ars again and found that they have an article today on CreeepyCam! Here it is :

Now that CreepyCam is real, its a huge turn-off.
2014-07-17 13:38
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I'm not overly religious at all, but this could have been MUCH better without the near constant religious commentary from this tool!! Pathetic! The premise was fine, but let it go. Better yet, shut up! No one wants porn with constant "what would Jesus do" and "God wants you to this." Enough!! Again, great premise and Dakota was fine, but this guy just ruined it.
2014-07-16 22:26
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Beijing Nuru
I totally agree with you but those were probably his "lines
2014-07-16 23:29
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@user_21682981 "Ryan Mclane, hes such a bad actor, CMON guys,u can do better than this
2014-07-16 14:17
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