Mom's A Pool Boy Addict: Part Two

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Video Description: The debauchery continues, as Brad Knight jerks his cock off to the secret video he tapped while fucking his step mom Alyssa Lynn. Alyssa walks down the steps, only to catch her son masturbating to a video of them fucking. Deceived by her sons promise to keep their little sex act a secret, Brad uses this tape as leverage just in case he needs some backup to prove once and for all that she is a horny housewife. Alyssa thinks their sex-capade was a one time deal, but Brad being her young and horny stepson, wants his cock covered with his mother's giant boobs and her horny pussy. She rubs her massive boobs all over his bare back, massaging every inch of his body before filling her drooling mouth with his big cock. Brad cannot wait to fuck his stepmother's pussy. He grabs her round ass, bringing her to the corner of the table, spreads her limber legs, and slaps his hardening cock over her wet pussy. she begs him to put it inside her pushing herself back against his stiff rod, letting it slide deep inside of her until she begs him to cum over her slutty face.

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Would love to see a part three where Nina’s son brings his friends home for mom
2021-06-22 08:07
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This is not one of your better offerings. The whole premise is a bit weak ------- the trickiness just wasn't there. It's like when someone tells you a joke and you know the punchline halfway through it. It might have been better if the Dad had shown up during the cum-shot, or if Alyssa had turned the tables. I did like the touch where Alyssa wiped the cum off with a finger and put it in her mouth.
2016-01-27 08:37
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