'Just Pass The Bitch'

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Scene Description: Guys,

The best thing ever happened to me today! I got this client, Jordana or something... her name was? Forgettable. Anyways to make a long story short, she has been persuading her professors to give her good grades in college. Well, what better client can you think of? Someone who understands persuasion! I was in luck, because I know a bit about persuasion too!

This chick would do anything to get what she wants. The second I told her I knew her professor personally, I had what she needed. Or rather, she had what I needed, and was ready to give anything. I told her that her teachers tell me that there's some student blowing teachers for good grades. I didn't even know if it was true, but the look on her face was priceless. I gave her that bullshit phrase I always say, you know, that whole 'Nothing in life is free!' thing I tell them all, and she was putty in my hands, ready to take my cock deep in her experienced throat, and my jizz all over her face.


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The model in this video, Jordana, is very attractive! No complaints there. My only issue with this one, which I have across most of the "Tricky Massage" videos, is that the sexual material only occupies ~5 minute of the video (from about 12:20 onward out of ~17:30 in viewing time). While I understand the necessity to establish a story showing the 'forced' situation the female character finds herself in, I personally would prefer the ratio to be reversed a bit.
2014-10-22 02:23
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