I'm Not Going To Fuck You

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Video Description: Guys,

It's Ryan. Today this chick, Lily came in to get a rub down while waiting for her car to get fixed! God she was a stunning little vixen. She wasn't shy either. throughout the massage I got the impression she was really comfortable with her body. Of course, being the creative guy I am, I started poking around to see if she could afford the auto-body work she was having done. Who wouldn't trade a little something for some money? Well there was no doubt in her mind, she wanted the free stuff, so I offered to pay for her car repair, if she'd help me out a little bit.

Of course I was edging her to suck my cock, but she started off telling me she wasn't going to fuck me! That dampened my spirits a bit, but I had to shake it off, and reassure her I only wanted her to touch it... at first. But it only took a couple minutes and I was boning her deepthroat style! Poor girl squirmed when I told her I was gonna cum all over her face! You should have seen her reaction when I told her that I had a tape of the whole thing! She won't tell a soul!


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Pathetic & lame
2020-07-14 00:28
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Fina acting by a gorgeous blonde with a perfectly shaved pussy. All great stuff, but no hardcore sex. Very disappointing.
2019-06-22 17:40
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This guy basically ruins every scene he is in.
2019-04-02 00:18
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such a hot girl and no fucking??? damn that's bad
2018-02-11 15:46
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