I Won't Report You

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Video Description: Hey guys,

Today this Polish toots Misha came in for a massage to get some relief from her very busy week. Her job in a high class sushi restaurant keeps her busy, so I wanted to give her a nice massage, and maybe relieve some of the other stress she carries below the belt. I wasn't sure at first how I'd convince her to barter for a little blow job but when she mentioned that she was working illegally, I had ahold of the perfect info to spin into seduction silk! Ugh, what soft tits this girl had. It was not long before I had my thick sausage deep in her polish throat. I've got to be the biggest creep!


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Pathetic series. It's a big big turn off when the girl is not into it.
2020-07-13 03:29
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Hot story line and a hot model who plays the reluctance role very well. Too bad they left out the vaginal sex. I mean, c'mon, he had her right where he wanted her. Why stop at oral?
2019-06-22 17:50
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