Fooling The Family: Part Two

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Starring Nina Elle, Jake Jace
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Video Description: Previously on TrickySpa, Eric came up with the master plan in seducing Nina Elle to not only suck and fuck him on camera, but milked his way to get her daughter to come in for a hands on lesson. Nina can't stop thinking about how wrong it was of her being taken advantage a good way. The lonely nymphomaniac wife needs more cock in her life, and masters her own ploy to seduce her step son, Jake Jace. She has to know if he has a big cock that can please her every desire. She pretends she's taking massage lessons. It's the perfect deception. Nina calls Jake into the living room, implies she desperately needs someone to practice her massage techniques on before her final test. He takes the bait, allowing his mother to grope his back with her massive boobs, covered in oil. Jake turns around, exposing his massive boner giving Nina the perfect chance to teach him about the birds and the bees. First lesson; Jake's cock in his mother's mouth resulting in a huge load over her massive boobs!

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2020-01-02 02:14
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nina elle did great her costar sucked I'm sure his ass wont be in anymore scenes dude looked dead
2016-10-08 22:38
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This comment has been deleted by its author.
part 3 nuru massage with a footjob in it
2015-12-04 04:00
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