Fooling The Family: Part Three

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Video Description: Keeping her promise, Nina Elle brings her daughter Angel Smalls to Eric Masterson's shady spa. Nina isn't happy about it, but a deal is a deal and really doesn't have a choice in the matter. Nina briefs her daughter on what to expect for her first time massage, but this naive virgin isn't even suspicious to the bigger picture. Angel undresses and lays on the table, and behaving like a good girl, promising her mother she will listen to everything Eric says. He rubs between her legs, spreading her shaved pussy, inserting his finger inside of Angel. Eric shows Angel how excited he is, exposing his huge boner. Angel isn't sure her mother would be too happy about her touching him in that way, but Angel has to learn what it's like to get fucked by a professional!

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Wow ! She DOES look extremely young. Watching this almost made me feel like a perv. I mean, granted, she's got a lovely body and I'm sure she's older than 18 but......... When Eric was all over her it really made my skin crawl.
2016-01-06 06:59
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