Daughter's Diary: Part Two

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Video Description: Last time on Tricky Spa, Tommy read his step-daughter's diary and found some incredibly sexy thoughts she's been having. when she arrives Tommy's mind begins to run miles a minute, thinking of how he can get away with making his daughter's dreams come true. he made his way into her bedroom, while she was blindfolded and took advantage of her, by giving her a massage and making her cum for the very first time. Well, today Tommy has to try and get things back to normal, the secret seems like it's killing him, so he lures his step-daughter to massage his back, and she takes the bait. but will she discover that she had her first sexual experience with her dad and freak out, or will she relish the chance to shove his stiff daddy cock deep in her throat, and then slide it into her warm throbbing pink teen pussy?

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Why are here the men VERY OFTEN jerking their own dick during cumming??? this should be HER job, not himslelf. It destroys the moment, nobody want to see a man jerking his own dick during he cumms.. WOMEN should jerk the dick when a man is cumming
2021-11-18 17:28
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this was fucking awful... cameraman should quit... barely any fucking and all it is is his balls.... this is trash
2021-08-31 12:38
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8 min of actual sex. Can you please make the sex longer?
2021-08-16 14:46
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2021-07-12 05:19
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Love Charlotte Cross, sweet smile, nice boobs and large labia (my favorite). Nice to see a "real woman" with the curves. I like the first movie of this series better than the second one. The first movie had more teasing and play.....instead of doing a few minutes of a massage and then sex, it would have been great to have Charlotte tease him more in the second movie. Please have Charlotte in more movies in the future.
2016-03-07 07:32
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