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Video Description: Hey guys,

This super stuck up bitch walked into the spa today, and sauced me after every single question on our intake sheet. She definitely needed a massage. She said it over and over, but she was definitely just tense! Luckily I had just the tool to work out her kinks! Ha ha! She was so impatient that she demanded a silent massage, but when I started to get closer to her goodies she loosened up, at least enough to start yelling at me again. As soon as I started to massage her tits she started opening up and shared that her husband would be mad if he found out she ruined his new stereo system. Well, there was the seduction gold! Moments later I had her cute mouth on my rigid cock! I hope her husband finds out she broke the stereo too!


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Why are here the men ALWAYS jerking their own dick during cumming??? this should be HER job, not himslelf. It destroys the moment, nobody want to see a man jerking his own dick during he cumms.. WOMEN should jerk the dick when a man is cumming
2021-11-18 17:01
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this is straight porn...we don't want to see the guy beat off at the end!
2014-08-28 23:20
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I love these scenes keep up the good work.
2014-07-31 00:48
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This concept is not working. I hope you are getting the message.
2014-07-30 19:10
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the idea for these is decent, would be more worth while I think if the girl was seduced better into doing. it just doesn't seem enjoyable for the girls the way it is now.
2014-07-30 16:00
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That’s the point, the surprise factor and reluctance is kind of why it’s called tricky massage dude
2020-04-27 17:43
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