65 Percent Off Comes At A Price

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Video Description: Guys,

This sweet girl came in today, with the most incredible personality. I was trying to corrupt her, but she just wanted me to touch her everywhere! She wanted a deal on top of that! Well...lets just wait and see. She told me her problem areas and luckily they were in some pretty sexy spots! Keeping my cool was going to be difficult with this chick! Her stunning tits and silky smooth skin was tantalizing me from the moment she walked in. As a frequent client she wasn't expecting the extra pectoral treatment I gave her, but I think she wanted it since before that! When I told her I might be able to offer her a discount she was eager to see what she could get. Well, I offered her my cock in exchange for a nice discount. She was tentative at first, I had some convincing to do but once she took a taste of my huge cock she only wanted more!


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Lucy J.
Hey Guys!

For many of the upcoming scenes we're asking for more penetration! In the next while you should see a lot more on Tricky Spa. Nysguy, have you used the forum to suggest some performers you would like to see on Tricky Spa?

2014-09-02 10:01
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I love Tricky Message, my favorite section. I wish there were more videos in this section, and I really wish more scenes had fucking in them and not just blow jobs. This scene is one of my faves mainly because the girl has massive curves!! man what a body!! More girls like this please!! Enjoyed this very much!
2014-08-21 20:07
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I liked this scene. I'm still not in love with the whole setup of Tricky Spa, but the scene was OK. I really liked the hint of bush, I can only hope that we will start seeing the girls a little more natural down there. They have been shaving for too long.
2014-08-20 18:35
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Ms Bree Mills
Hi guys,

Here is another new Tricky Spa scene - looking forward to hearing your feedback! We'll be going into our next shoot soon so let us know if there are any other ideas you have to help us finesse this new series!

2014-08-07 08:21
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Beijing Nuru
I was looking forward to the Siri scene. Please shoot it again with the new format.
2014-08-18 08:27
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