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Date added: 2015-02-18 Rating:
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Description : Hey Guys,

Today this hot chick, Daisy Haze came in to get massaged. Get this, her boyfriend was the one who setup the appointment. He actually paid for his girlfriend to get massaged by me. What a.... sweet guy ;) She starts to tell me about how overprotective he is, and before I know it she's telling me about her wild flirting days. Now, normally I would just zone out by this point and begin planning my next move but, then I realized. If she was wild and crazy once, it won't take much to get her that way again! Her phone rings and bingo! I tell her that if she does a little something special for me, I won't tell Mike that anything 'wild' happened between us. At first she's a little pissed off but, I can tell deep down she's into it. Before I know it, her velvety soft lips are sucking my hard cock. There's not much else to say except, thank you Mike, you really are one heck of a guy!


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Date added: 2015-02-18 Rating:
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