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  • 2014-07-02
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Date added: 2014-07-02 Rating:
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Description : Hey Guys,

Yesterday I was all buttered up and ready for some serious nice guy! An 18yo cutie who looked like she pulled her outfit from a Disney movie came in for a massage! Her name was Skylar, or something, but that's the least important part! All she wants to do is travel! Well, I can't think of a more expensive pastime. It just so happens that like usual she was eager to trade a little blowjob for more money to spend in Europe. It took some convincing, but when I mentioned my 'knowledge' of the area, and offered her some nice attractions, she was more and more convinced her trip was about getting some sweet lovin'. She couldn't suck me up faster, when I told her that she'd be kicked out of Europe if she was so uptight about giving a little blowjob! I think I might have turned this sweet girl into a slut!

Sorry Skylar!

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Date added: 2014-07-02 Rating:
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