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Date added: 2014-12-19 Rating:
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Description : Today is James Barthelot's birthday. His daughter Brooklyn Chase got him and her mom a great surprise, a trip to the spa, but turns out that her Mom left them for some rich guy with a fast car. James and Brooklyn have always had a close daddy/daughter relationship so James decides that he will take her instead of his aloof spouse. Brooklyn is happy to go with her daddy because he deserves to have the time of his life. When they show up at the spa they're excited to have their massages, but James wasn't expecting the massage to take place min the same room. Some embarrassing moments come when they have to undress but it only starts there. When Marco Banderas and Will Powers, expert masseurs, make their entrance it's clear that Brooklyn has her mind on something else. Getting to open their big birthday packages and suck their balls dry. James doesn't seem to be very entertained by this, but because the door is locked, he has to watch! Happy Birthday Daddy!
Date added: 2014-12-19 Rating:
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Categories : Behind The Scenes

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Date added: 2014-12-19 Rating:
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