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Date added: 2015-01-28 Rating:
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Description : Hey guys,

So, you remember a couple weeks ago when Veronica came in. Well, I guess, this being the only spa in town, she didn't know where else to turn. She told me when she got home her daughter Chloe asked how her massage was. Of course after making her squirt like her stupid husband never did, she was ecstatic, and she kind of sold the spa to her daughter. After weeks of begging she finally brought her in. But today I don't even have to do anything. Veronica practically offered to teach her step-daughter how to suck my big cock. Well, I got to be honest, there's not much else that is quite as hot as a squirting mother teaching her daughter how to have sex! Just watch, and see what I mean!


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Rare usa-Model. inside beauty too. hope she move someday some eu-productions.
2020-05-29 01:52
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I think she is a spectacular beauty. Just a lovely and compelling woman. A huge pleasure just to look at her, never mind whatever she does on the net. I hope this industry doesn't do her harm. I wish her health and happiness.
2015-11-02 01:11
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